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About the company

Based on our office in Stockaryd [central Sweden], we sell timber products and further-processed items, both locally and at a global level. We cooperate with sawmills throughout Sweden, and this enables us to deliver the right products to meet the requirements of all our customers. We also stock raw materials and processed products at our associated company, Fransson & Neij Produktion, and at other selected planing facilities.

Certification – PEFC™ /FSC® and environmental targets

Fransson & Neij AB has been certified by PEFC™ and FSC® since 2007 and 2010, and so we can sell part of our production with certification for the sourcing of our raw materials. Apart from meeting annual environmental requirements, this also involves an ongoing obligation to pursue environmental concerns, both at the detailed level and in a wider context. Our goal is to increase the proportion of certified timber products, and to prioritize the life-cycle approach and ensure that it permeates our everyday operations.