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Environmental Policy

Fransson & Neij AB, as a user of forest raw materials and a supplier of processed timber products, must ensure hat operations are conducted in a manner that takes the environment and the company’s employees into account as far as possible.

We comply with current legislation and PEFC™ and FSC requirements and intentions and, as far as possible, we ensure that raw materials do not originate in inappropriate or, from a societal viewpoint, unauthorized felling operations, key biotypes are protected, forested areas where longstanding tenure or civil rights are infringed, forests where conservation values are threatened, genetically modified trees or natural forest that has been felled with the purpose of exploiting the area for plantation or non-forest use. Operations are conducted and upgraded in a manner that reduces potential negative environmental impacts.

Our raw materials are produced, to the greatest possible extent in environmentally compatible certified forestry operations. Fransson & Neij AB endeavours to ensure an increased volume of supplies from this source. We endeavour to fulfil our commitments to our employees, society, the environment and our suppliers.

Our staff are trained and informed so as to ensure that they can fulfil these requirements and intentions.

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